Shameful Junk for my Trunk

For once  I’m comprising a packing list for the upcoming jaunt to Belfast. It is horrifically materialistic and shockingly far from completion. Perhaps I’ll successfully edit it prior to the dangerous stuffing-I-don’t-care-about-paying-overages phase.

The Junk for My Shabby Trunks Roll Call


___ Puffer

___ Peacoat

___ Rain Jacket

___ Red Banana Republic

___ Blue H&M

___ Khaki Jacket?

___ Zara Jacket?


___ Black skinny

___ Light skinny

___ Med skinny

___ Chloe

___ Dark skinny?

___ Black skinny slacks?


___ Navy Gap jacket-sweater

___ Blue Banana V-neck

___ Black v-neck

___ Brown v-neck

___ Cream long hoodie

___ Brown cardigan

___ Black cardigan

___ eggplant cashmere?

___ Grey vest

___ green Gap cardigan

___ Cream Gap sweater

___ Grey turtleneck

___ grey long v-neck


___ Hofbrauhaus

___ Purple XO sisterhood

___ Longsleeve navy XO coffee

___ Long sleeve Red Chili Cookoff

___ Long sleeve Breckenridge

___ XO Intramural

Nicer T-shirts

___ Navy Stripe Gap

___ White long sleeve

___ White Long  sleeve

___ Grey banana short sleeve

___ Black long sleeve

___ grey Express boatneck

___ Grey target wrap



___ ruffled cream tank

___ ruffled black tank

___ ribbed


___ Smart wool

___ whitie ankle socks

___   ____ Black leggings

___ Ribbed grey tights

___ brown tights

Beddie Boo

___ Navy Texas waffle

___ Red ON waffle

___ Plaid pj pants

___ Duck boxers

___ black Gap sweats

___ grey sweats

___ grey sweatshirt


___ Black nike shorts

___ Red nike shorts

___ Black and blue nikes

___ Patagonia capeline

___ Navy North Face

___ Black North Face

___ Green North Face


___ Red plaid shirt dress

___ Jean shirt dress

___ Blue tunic

___ Blue t-shirt dress

___ Brown striped dress

___ Brown dress

___ Black boatneck dress

___ Black scoop dress

___ Black flowery dress

___ striped anthro cream dress

___ Brown corduroy dress


___ khaki wool

___ green corduroy


___Black triangles


Warmth Accessories

___ Gloves (BOTH)

___ Grey banana hat

___ Black scarf

___ Cream scarf

___ Tartan scarf

___ Smart wool long johns

___ sparkly red pashmina


___ Brown boots

___ Ugg boots

___ Ugg moccasin

___ black flats

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1 Response to Shameful Junk for my Trunk

  1. Bethany Mavis says:

    I’d say yes to the eggplant cashmere, and yes to both skinny pants in question. And I really appreciated the division of T-shirts. That’s essential. 🙂

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