Quickly Now

So I’ve got this whole masterpiece post in the works, but it’s still getting polished up so I thought I’d just share a bit of about my week on this lovely hump day:

Unrelated to post: voila City Hall!

This week something…SEVERAL things went well! All week I’ve had the wee babies which ironically are everyone else’s favorites but definitely not my preference! I have baby-phobia for sure. Maybe it’s because I’m the youngest and was never around babies growing up or maybe it’s because they all they look like mini-Winston Churchill’s and that’s just creepy. However, I feel like I’m finally sort of breaking through the surface of the sea of bottles, blankies, bibs, blocks, nappies and meltdowns. Thankfully, I’ve got a super-mom co-worker who can set me straight in about two seconds if anything goes terribly awry (such as 3 unhappy kiddies at once). I really hope that I acquire just a bit of her situational alacrity. She can turn a mob of fighting kids or wailing babies into happy munchkins in a snap. I’m still occasionally to often-ally (fab new word, huh?)  at a loss for words or know-how. In just a few short weeks I’ve had to and will have to face a lot of skeletons in my skill/emotional closet–and it’s been scary. I suppose that’s just want learning and growing is, right? I didn’t come here to coast.  Sometimes I can see in myself the same irrational stubbornness that the kids have when they think they don’t want to do something or let themselves get overwhelmed.  It’s so funny how we’re really not all that different even though some of us have racked up a few more years. In any case, I’m moving onto those happy things:

1. Driving! I’m still pretrified and I don’t see how I can fly through the streets of Belfast in a tank-bus, but

Poorly Lit Smiley Volunteers

(mind the gap here please. WordPress won’t let me fix it!) yesterday I ventured out of the car park and onto the roads. Take note everyone,  I DROVE A 16 SEATER BUS AND DIDN’T MAIM ANYONE OR THING!!! Furthermore I even managed to dodge the stray puppy dog running through the roundabout! Maybe I can do this? One step at a time.

2. Crepes! I had never cooked these fancy pancakes, but for some reason I signed on to teach the pre-teens how to make them. I was super nervous at first! I practiced this morning with the help two chef fairy godmothers– Julia Child and Paula Dean–and they actually looked/tasted like crepes! YAYAY! Then tonight I had a boy and girl sous-chefs down there with me and everything went as smoothly as butter. They each found their niche of what they liked to do (one mainly cooked and the other spread the Nutella), and all the kids upstairs devoured thme! It’s silly to admit, but I sort of needed this small victory. It was so lovely to be with 11-12 year olds, and be able to interact with them and watch them take on something and do so well with it. For the first time in a while of studying super hard for the GRE I’m actually tentatively excited and feel like I could/would be a good Jr. High teacher.

I walk this road with kiddies! Hold hands or prams, everyone!!!

So that’s that. Ugh, again I went all narcissistic. I really want to talk about the society here in Belfast and what I’ve learned about why things are as they are but whoops I just went all me, me me on ya’ll and now I’m out of steam and ready for some real food. It’s sooo hard to eat well on a long work day, all I’ve had today is a crepe, some mashed potatoes, apple juice and some TGIWednesday cider to get me through this post. Luckily, we’ve got veggies and market fresh lamb burgers to cook up for dinner.
XXX and Cheers!!!

PS: Reid and I plan to look like these model Quakers by next summer. Thanks Ericka for sharing this! 🙂

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