Life in 5 minutes

Hiiiiii! Comatose Em is writing you in the wee few minutes before I begin my morning routine of table setting, tea tray making, laundry doing, apple peeling and etc.

I’ve gotten to try new things this week! I’ve had the pre-schoolers upstairs and oh my gosh, those kids keep me on my toes! They seize upon any second that isn’t planned, and go all Lord of the Flies. We have been working on cutting, glueing, puzzles and castle building. All of those I can fairly well manage, but my nemesis is story time! Why don’t those kids like to sit somewhat nicely on their bums and hear a lovely story? I let them pick good ones like “Little Tiger Doesn’t Want to Bathe,” “Snow White,” or “Paddington Minds the House?” –and more? Does anyone have suggestions? My co-worker (the supermom childminder extraordinaire) says to get them on this one couch and fence them in…but what if they stand on the couch? Or while I’m minding one the others escape? Hmmm

Again last Wednesday I had a great time with the pre-teens. We played Life and they were highly amused when I pointed out that the red stop sign said “Stop! Get a life, and get married.” They also thought it was cute when they kept getting children. It’s scary but a lot of these could be real moms in 3 years? Wow. That just doesn’t seem right.

Ok, must go! I hope I survive Friday clean today…grrrr organization….

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