Madeleine, Madeleine, Madeleine–Je t’adore!

…no not the smallest of them all but Madeleine L’Engle!

Have you read Walking on Water? You should! It’s essentially Ms. L’Engle’s notes on faith and artistry. I think it’s a perfect book for anyone at any age. For me right now it’s especially poignant because it’s helping me realize that I do see life in some sort of artistic life that I don’t understand. And that’s ok; I don’t have to! Ms. L’Engle also seems to be part of the forever young pixie club,

“If we lose any part of ourselves then we are thereby diminished. If I cannot be thirteen and sixty-one simultaneously, part of me has been taken away…For growing up never ends; we never get there. I am still in the process of growing up, but I will make no progress if I lose any of myself on the way.” (pg 74-75)

Age has been on my mind a lot, not only because of the significance of next week, but also because I’m in such an awkward phase of life now. All the paths are open–and it makes my mind spin. I want it all! I adore her open mindedness (just read her section on zeal).

Ms. L’Engle also brings up another point that doesn’t shock me as much as it probably should. She quotes Finley Eversole’s The Politics of Creativity,

In our society at the age of five, 90 percent of the population measures ‘high creativity.’ By age seven the figure has dropped to 10 percent. And the percentage of adults with high creativity is only two percent! Our creativity is destroyed not through the use of outside force, but through criticism, innuendo…”

…GRE’s,  scantrons, hefty doses of ‘reality’ (who’s to say what’s ‘real’ anyways?)…just a few of my additions! God gave Adam the task of creating names for all the animals. We were made to create and to find beauty! Why ohhh why are we so obsessed with normalcy and the bottom line? Think about it, just 2% of that original 90% of people have lost their mojo. Now, I don’t know the specifics about this Finley character or who his test group was, but I’m inclined to agree with his findings.

There’s so much more I could say, and  I know my sporadic ravings probably aren’t the best advertisement, but I do think this is a unique book written by a fascinatingly wise cookie. So take a few minutes and cuddle up with a nice cup of tea and some bickies (N. Irish-ism for cookies) and perhaps think of me here in N. Ireland and let’s get on the same page!

weekly nauseating pic of me unable to be serious

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