22.2 Birfdaying in fair London

Hiya old office! Trippy light smudges are courtesy of the no 59 bus window.

I don’t know this girl, but I like her in the foreground of my picture!

Camden Market–a not so secret gem of London that I had not explored until my 22.2 birfday!

Temptation City–cute, affordable-ish dresses as far as my eyes could see!

Tube=preferred mode of transportation? I don’t mind it.

The Zet–it was like our Cheers on my maiden voyage to London. I’m making an inquisitive gesture because it’s freaking expensive and I don’t ever want to know how many £ I spent there! But would I take a time machine back and do it again?

Ahh Gloucester Road, my memory lane and old underground stop

The Kensington Gardens, ahh joy, joy, joy!!!!

Peter Pan’s neighbors

Grandaddy’s Road

Trafalgar at twilight (I’m virtually smacking myself for a split second image in my brain of vampires…grrr pop culture!).

To date my best picture of Westminster Abbey

Whitehall–always bustling

Thank ewe!!!!! Best 22.2 birfday EVERRRR!

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