Make my Jack-o-Latern edible, please!

Today is our first day of a one week Halloween vacation. Originally I had an adventure in mind for this week. I searched and searched and SEARCHED hoping to find a way to Tenerife, Dubrovknik, Corfu, or Barcelona or Bratislava…all fail. Something about this ole Hallow’s Eve makes flight prices skyrocket to the moon and back. Heck, that trip might be cheaper than a roundtrip from Belfast to Prague.  So this morning I decided to use our random Quakers leftovers to make Alton Brown’s French toast.

Alton Brown didn't have this burnt, flavourlessness in mind...

Don’t know what I did or didn’t do? I just couldn’t get the heat of the pan right. Either it wouldn’t cook at all or it scorched the outside but didn’t cook through. Sacre bleu hoo hoo 🙂 [FYI: Reid says he liked the roasted toast. I say that anything with a liberal spreading of Nutella tastes good].

Dusting myself off though, I immediately seized upon a leftover pumpkin. For some reason the Irish don’t seem to appreciate pumpkin. You know that Libby’s stuff that comes out each Thanksgiving for yum pumpkin pies? They don’t have that! Also, another GREAT travesty Starbucks doesn’t have Pumpkin Spice Lattes! I know, I’m crying too. So, I wanted to use our pumpkin to make that pumpkin stuff. I used this easy how-to (–1180/how-to-make-pumpkin-pie.asp). It’s in the oven now,

so far so steamy

Next I saved the seeds, so we can roast them. I don’t much care for roasted pumpkin seeds, but everyone else seems excited about it. I’m trying this recipe from Bobby Flay.  I don’t have any ancho chile powder, but I’ve got some cumin and chile powder. We’ll see how it works! (

Oh and here a few pictures I snapped in the neighborhood outside of the market last week. These are “peace” walls. Personally I don’t think anything covered in barbed wire is peaceful.

reid sketched unknowingly into my photo

This is Tesco–our grocery store. Imagine if your local  store had blockades on the outside and was fenced in like a fortress by these spiky things?

this is almost normal

close up; ouch!

Pumpkin update: so far so good! I spooned it all out and am now planning what I’ll make! Pumpkin muffins? Bread? Mmmmm so many possibilites… 🙂

Happy ole Hallow’s Eve, ya’ll!

PS: We’re going up to Donegall in the North and down to the South for a Shamrocker tour. More on that later!

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