Pages full of Words

I am shocked. It’s such a sunny Saturday morning. I’m sitting on our couch which would be way too soft for Goldilocks trying to think how to write this post and bam ouch…the sun just got me. Here in due West Belfast if the clouds lift we get  killer sunrises. Damn that internal clock that woke me up so, so early on a Saturday, but I’m up and well into my first cup of coffee. Sitting next to me is my “Powerprep” ETS GRE software, and on my left are my two admirably used Princeton Review GRE “Workout” books.

Ahhh, YES, I do and did feel the mental burn.

The weeks are racing by here. What was a foggy date in the future, Dec 2 (test date) is now looming over me with sinister intensity. I swear it is! Additionally, I’m raging because I checked the test dates again and there are now 7 November test dates! WT%@#@?!?!?!?! I’m still in limbo attempting to change my date to an earlier one (thus doing my head in more–Belfast speak for stressing me out). The ever nettling question is, am I ready? I still flunk on math. I really and truly have tried. On our trip through Ireland I ignored my travel sickness on the buses and worked through as many pages as I could bear. It was difficult to miss some of the scenery. This place is GORGEOUS. All in all, I’ve tried. It is what it is, changing test date or no, I suppose I’ve done all I can do and c’est fini. Or that’s finished. That’s me done and dusted (more Belfast speak!).

We’ve been back at work for a week.  If I whip out my microscope and look at it, there were some very, very tough points. However, as I’m sitting here now, I feel rather content with it as a whole. We worked hard and left a bit early on a few days, I had some really cool conversations with some of the teens, and Reid and I survived 7 5-10 year olds on a rainy day in a single room.  Especially with those ages I’m getting quite of lot of experience with being kindly firm. I can see now better than ever that giving in is the easy way out, but eventually in most cases harmful to the child. It still does my head in, but I’m keeping on keeping on.

To wrap this all up so I can powerprep a bit before everyone wakes up here are a couple pictures from our BEAUTIFUL trip!

biking at Malin Head--the most northerly point of Ireland

Fairy trees on the grounds of Blarney Castle.

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