Snowy Stroll

it's not a big mountain, but it's our mountain.

After it sailed through the air and hit my foot, I turned and exclaimed, “NICE SHOT!” at the 3 8-10ish year old boys launching snowballs at Reid and me as we strolled through Woodvale Park on this Sunday morning. See on Sundays the buses come half as often to our mountainous nook of West Belfast, so I suggested that we just walk ’til we didn’t feel like it anymore. Of course, there were three little hooligans scampering at the gate of the park where Reid and I saw our bus drive off without us. Since the bus was gone, the boys had no targets other than two seemingly yuppy tourists sporting shades and North Face backpacks. Snowball throwing I’m learning is quite the popular sport on these extraordinarily wintery days. Shoot, I prefer them to rocks any day. Each of these little hooligans smiled at me as they pelted us. Additionally, one of them was nice enough to reply, “THANKKK YOU!” Ha, I’ll take it.

Especially since I know what badasses Reid and I are (I know Mother, “GASP! Where does she learn this HORRRIBLE language?”). We trekeked down the mountain, all the way through the Shankill and into the City Centre. BAM!

trekking with tia

when reid's away emily will play

snow snow snow and baby distorting mirrors

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