A Volunteery Christmas!

Reid's clever packaging.

Our little house has suffered a horrid plague recently. It did dampen our Christmas spirit more than a wee bit, but today redeemed it all. Let’s just say I’m EXHAUSTED, but today is the day that made Christmas. In 2 hours Reid and I managed to pull together a wee assortment of presents which we haphazardly wrapped, and opened tonight (except for our  stockings!) because we won’t be able to carry it all to Paris.

Here are a few quick picsies:

Reid's loot.


Charlie Brown probably feels smug about his tree right now.

Mumsie--these are your presents to Reid! He loves them!

Note my fancy new dark hair, courtesy of Mumsie. Also note Reid's cute wee presents to me: adorable Topshop leather purse and matching red gloves. 🙂

Reid has always said I’m a “Galway Girl,” but now with my new mysterious locks it’s official. I kind of am in love with this song. There’s absolutely no way to describe how silly and fun it is to here this in a good ol’ Irish pub. I love all the old men bouncing along in time whilst managing to not spill their Guinness. True talent!


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