“Crime doesn’t pay. . .does that mean that my job is a crime?”

Picnic with Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki--a Reid and Em favorite.

Bahahaha, I saw that one liner title of my blog post somewhere on one of my recent Google searches.  I’ve been short on words lately, haven’t I? It’s not entirely for lack of stuff I could talk about, maybe there’s too much? Here’s a bit on a lot:

Work– Let me start by saying how much I really do support what we do and how we interact with the families. However, 5 or so months in, and I’m still overwhelmed by the expectations the higher powers seem to have for us. I keep reminding myself that if I were in this to be comfortable, financially stable and nurtured–well, I’d have been back before September. Truthfully, I’m really glad that I’ve stuck it out. I’m learning so much– even if it is at a pace that can be alarming and unsettling at times.  We have an upcoming Residential (four day trip to the North coast), and for some reason everyone has been obsessing about it, and making it seem really scary. Residentials are already tough because we’re supposed to work from 7:30 AM to like 11:30 or later…and we’ve got an adorable, but challenging lot of munchkins to wrangle this time. Wish Reid and I luck!

Life–the days are getting LONGER! YAY! Honestly, I’ve not got too much here. Work really does consume so  much time and energy, and our budget is sooo tight that we, in all honesty, do a lot of board game playing, book reading, hiking and, I’d be lying if I didn’t mention it, TV watching (current faves are “Rome,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Mad Men,” and “Friends”).  Yesterday we also went to see The King’s Speech –it was AMAZING. I highly recommend it.  Oooh, and tonight I modified a low-fat ginger cookie recipe with wholemeal flour, fresh ginger root, and homemade applesauce…voila, bon appetite! The wholemeal is coarse so they have a bit of a gritty crunch, but I like having some sweet cookies about that are less than a gram of fat. Mmmm

Reid, Alissa and I also all hiked today up Cave Hill.  It was gorgeous.  We could see the harbor and Belfast which was covered under a blanket of fog. Here are a few of the best shots:

Photo Cred: Reid and his handy mini tripod and self timer. What a boy scout.

The gang gets swept away

I only fiddled with the highlights

Our Carolina Kourkova of ice chips--CF Reid's blog in the event that he updates it.

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