Enjoyment and the Likes

Sometimes at the end of a week all I feel is drained. Hence, last weekend I made a conscious decision to enjoy my week more, and be less stressed. And you know what? It sort of worked! I’m still tired, but the week flew by! Granted, there were moments where my stomach clenched, that baby stubbornly cried or I just plain was sick and tired of mopping a floor for the third time in a single day, but altogether I think I made some progress on enjoying my life exactly how it is at (nearly!) any given moment.  I think another aspect of enjoying life is consciously realizing what my interests are, and following through on them so that I don’t feel like I waste free time feeling poor and uninspired. While I may be those things, there are still adventures to be had–i.e. hiking Cavehill last weekend and taking countless pictures made last weekend so much better. So here I am on Saturday morning, polishing off some Rhubarb yogurt, waiting for my French Press of coffee to steep and thinking about what I like. Narcissistic, much Em? I hope not! In no particular order, here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Coffee–I’m presently sipping my own vanilla infused version.
  • Food/Cooking–on my own, with Reid, or watching other people who love food cook (ie Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain, Man Vs. Food, Aarti Paarti)
  • Photography–presently I have a bit of an uneducated and probably irrational hankering to try event photography. I’ve been scouring Google for good photog blogs and tutorials to try to brush up a bit. Mayhaps Reid will let me have a go or two on his fancy camera?
  • Fashion–absurd for me at this point in my life where it really and truly does not matter what I look like; however, I’m somewhat incapable of resisting Belfast’s style environment. People go so over the top here that I feel a bit more free to tweak my own style choices. I think for too long I’ve tried to pick a style and just go for it 100% which hasn’t worked because my personality and tastes are far more eclectic than that. I think I’m learning that style really is so much about confidence, and knowing what makes you feel comfortable, not what is trendy and sometimes not even what is classic, but what suits the moment and gives umph not an “ouch,” or itch or “ugh!”
  • Books–I always want more of these, but seriously I need to improve my attention span. Currently I’m in the middle of three interesting books, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Paul Theroux’s That Old Patagonian Express (I’m fizzling out though a bit in Colombia…), and The Belfast Diary by John Conroy. It keeps also going through my mind that all great writers are great readers.
  • People/Society–maybe I’m just nosy, but seriously I LOVE people watching, talking about people, hearing peoples stories, finding new, interesting blogs to read, observing the kids at work to see where they are developmentally–all of this just fascinates me.

So that’s me done mooning over myself to you. I’m off to finish my coffee, read up on some news/photography, get dressed and go bowling!

The roomies are just too much for this camera. PS love my tiara? I certainly do.


That's better. Hurrah for yellow incandescent lights and Reid's Uncle Sam-ish pose.

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