And an adventure

The madness doesn’t stop. It’s lovely. Reid and I had a week’s vacation from work for Easter and we decided to spend it in Prague with a 20-ish hour layover in Edinburgh. Spending the day in Scotland was fantastic. Edinburgh always manages to hold a special place in our hearts. We’ve not lived there but in many ways it feels like home. The barley smell of the wind, the genial Scots, the wild scenery and the majestic old buildings…we just can’t seem to get enough. These pictures are all from Edinburgh, the Prague portion will have to wait. I’ve got some registering, Save the Dating-ing (we saved our best pictures for that!), and hair-washing to do. I’m still a wee bit hostel weary and plane tussled from our journey to Belfast which was quite late last night.

Fickle weather. Lovely city.

Spring in Edinburgh is possibly one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. Why is it that I seem to like coming here in the dead of winter? Shame on me.

Reid was being a paparazzi whilst I was frolicking in a church garden full of pink flower snow.

Climbing up Arthur's seat.

Edinburgh happy happy happyyyyyyyyy

Ruins of an old monastery.

Going up the Granny's steps to the castle.

Reid loves the closes (which are tiny passageways up to the Royal Mile).


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