Rewind and Recap

Unjustly, I have skimmed over a rather large event in my life. Here’s my ode to my week in America last April. It was surreal to go back to Texas, and my time there was a complete whirlwind.  All in all, I was so happy to see everyone. I especially loved every second of my jaunt to Austin to visit David and Elise. Austin is amazing, and I’m so excited to be living there and attending UT. Perfect starter city.

It was also lovely to meet my good friend the good ol’ Taco Cabana.  Gosh, that place is magic. I also loved reconnecting with perhaps my most faithful friend:

Gracie is moving to Austin with Reid and me this August!

I didn’t take enough pictures (perhaps because so many people were taking pictures of me?), but here are a few from our sweet friends Ericka and Tyler’s waterfall wedding.

Gown on, and ready to go.

Pause for picture with radiant bride.

Greedy, so I got a b&w one too.

Apparently tasting my bouquet with fellow bridesmaids whilst en route to the ceremony.


boys and photog


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