And hither to Tejas I have come

The Belfast leprechauns bade us farewell with this massive rainbow.

We’ve been back for a bit more than a week, or so my calendar tells me. My poor body really has no clue. Thank goodness for stamina and adrenaline because the past few weeks have been nothing short of gloriously grueling. I mean,  c’est la vie, Reid and I did choose to move back from Northern Ireland, get married, move to Austin and start graduate school all in the wee span of three months. We must be entirely mad, but we’re doing it!

Luggage has become a determining factor in my life. Oh that Central London had the same trolleys has Heathrow!

Because I’ve been so busy–traveling between Austin, SA, camp and Kerrville, au pairing and wedding-ing–I’ve hardly processed this whole transition from the UK to the US. I suppose at this point both feel quite homey to me. I know what I like about each and I’m always eager to indulge in the continentally appropriate vice whenever I jump the pond. Here in the US it’s Tex Mex and in the UK it’s definitely fried food and pubs.

Reid and a wee one on our march through the Ballypatrick Forest with the babies.

Last night the silliest thing happened that let me know how incredibly touched I’ve been by the Irish culture though. We were all snuggled up on the couch (that is Reid, Lloyd, Dad, Chloe, Gracie and me) watching “So You Think You Can Dance” auditions and a Celtic dancer came on. Let me preface this with I NEVER CRY, not in Bambi, I was just furious at Old Yeller, definitely not in Titanic because Rose should have helped Leo (or whatever his character’s name was) find a door. Heck, he could have fit on her door if they’d tried one more time! Anyways, going back, as we watched her lovely dance tears literally started rolling down my cheeks. I don’t really know what they mean, but that’s just not like me. Ach, I do miss it though.

Alexandra, our new ADORABLE volunteer, baked us a goodbye cake!

To close out my bramble of words here are few pictures of Reid and I’s Hail Mary four day tour of London.

Sleeping off our Pizza Hut buffet in the Kensington Gardens. I LOVE the UK in the spring.

The Gloucester Arcade--we adore (Like Wills' Kate) shopping at the Waitrose.

St. Paul's from my perch in the Tate Modern, which incidentally has an amazing childrens' education program.

The Royal Albert Memorial as constructed by his (obsessed, much?) widow Queen Victoria.

Unequivocally our favorite restaurant on this here planet we call Earth.

Ambling the gardens at Hampstead Heath.

Being cheeky at Hampstead Heath. Can I say again how much I adore England in the spring?

Only thing cuter than duckies--baby duckies!

Proud owners of £10 "Much Ado About Nothing" tickets. They were worth upwards of 60 quid. The play was FABULOUS.

Double helpings of Shakespeare: we spent our last night (truth: tears are welling up in my eyes--ach, I'm a sap) at the Globe laughing so much at the antics of Rosalind and Orlando in "As You Like It." I am so happy that my fiance loves Shakespeare as much as I do.

After the show, most of the pubs were closed so we crossed this bridge to the Tesco Metro for supplies. Reid affectionately dubbed so many years ago that random building the "Ministry of Elephants" because we (still) have no clue what it is.

Then we recrossed the bridge an opened our own pub, "The Golden Retriever's Paws." We sat on a wee embankment and hung our feet over the ledge and mused about it all.

Cheerio, Brittania! We shall see you again soon.

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