Much Ado

Since arriving back in Texas I’ve appreciated a few wee things, such as driving in my dad’s old Chevy Cavalier whilst listening to trippy old rocker music. The gas cans rattle in the trunk and add to the beat as I cruise down our massive highways. I’d never have driven this far in Belfast, but I don’t seem to mind it here.  While I do usually prefer being with people, I think I rather like driving through the city by myself. I get to crank the music, speak even more freely to those that I deem are ill-advised drivers and stop wherever and for however long I want. That being said, I’ve also realized that while I’m not suffering from culture shock, I do have a raging case of co-dependence. In Belfast I was nearly never on my own, and now I find myself sincerely unable to be in the house by myself. I’m always chasing after my new baby, Mademoiselle Nexus S to see if I can whip up some chatter.

Look how pretty she is! I've never had a fancy phone, and I love wee Rosalind. Reid says Apple is suing Google over this business because it's too much like the iPhone.

Soooo, if you’ve been wondering what I’m up to just give me me a call!

In other news my life is so wedding obsessed now. I’m trying so much not to get swept away into the frenzied tide of the distraught bride. Let’s be honest, I am high strung and I don’t like to party plan, so being joyful in this is actually quite a feat. It would be wholly a lie to say that I’m not excited about the wedding (Have you seen Laity Lodge? The place is serenity and loveliness in itself), but I think I’m most excited about finally having a wee nook in  the world that’s mine–well, ours for a pretty price each month.  However, table decor befuddles me, which brings me to my next rant: bridal/wedding literature.

Green Wedding Shoes Photo. Looooook at that cake!

I’ll say it bluntly from the start, and here’s the disclaimer, these are only my opinions, if you love the Knot, carry on. They say love is stronger than hate, but boy do I loathe the Knot. So many lists and expectations. It literally puts a stage 5 hurricane gust into my wee sails and I just capsize into a tumultuous ocean of checklists of minute ridiculous things that stand my hair on end. I say NO to your lists! Ahhhh catharsis!

So how do I get all table decor inspired? Green Wedding Shoes and photography blogs. The drawback is that sometimes the gorgeous photos make me feel like I could never create anything that beautiful.  Just look at another photo:

Green Wedding Shoes. If you're coming to my bash, then be prepared to see some serious copy-catting of the photo tree.

How on earth did they make Grandma’s old quilt look wedding chic? It’s a mystery, but at least it gives me something a goal. Somewhere in my globe trotting I think I began to fancy eco-chic. Weird, right? I won’t give away the details, but let’s just say bamboo, begonias and organza might all be making cameos at the Cody Center. If only I could figure out what colors I want them to be…

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