June’s Twilight

If you're coming to my wedding this is the gorgeous section of the Frio you will be driving through!

I’ve been on vacation for this past week. Reid kidnapped me from the heat of San Antonio, and I’ve been basking in the oasis of Laity Lodge since Tuesday–well, we’ve trekked the circuit of San Anton’ and Kerrville a few times, but we managed to miss Austin this time!). It’s been glorious. I’ve eaten far too much…ach, it’s nearly impossible to say no to dessert out here, and Tim the kitchen manager takes almost a devilish pride being able to tempt us so irresistibly. Last night we washed down our homemade cookies ‘n cream ice cream cake topped with chocolate and carmel with yet a another cup of “The Taste of Ol’ San Antonio” coffee. Mmmm

Another two bits of Laity Lodge that I love are the library and bookstore. The bookstore is as good as a library because you are allowed, or dare I say encouraged, to snag a few books read them and return them before you leave. They have such an amazing selection; many of the books are sourced from the speakers who come to Laity Lodge. I however being a literary creature of habit always find myself looking for the L’s (L being for Lewis, of course!). This weekend I’m tromping through The Four Loves. Like all of his other books, I highly recommend it! His insight, humor and genius never fail to enthrall me. Of course, I’m also a bit mystified, challenged and humbled–which in my little world are always indicators of learning and growth.

Find thyself a copy.

I had wanted to post a few of my favorite quotes so far (I’ve still got Eros and charity to go), but I must honeymoon plan. Ach, expensive all-inclusives in the Caribbean or expensive flights but affordable accommodation in South America?

Breathtaking Rio, oh yes, I could handle this.

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