Silver & Natural + Bungalow Fever

I can’t give away too many hints about our reception decor, but I think it’s finally sorted. Laughably, I still don’t know my color theme for the wedding. I suppose if I don’t have one by this point, it’s just not going to happen. I asked my mom today if she knew what it was and she said, “Silver and natural.” So a non-color and something vague. Surprisingly enough, I think it might just turn out gorgeous.

Here are few elements of what we’re calling silver and natural gone eclectic, rustic vintage wedding chic. Adjective, much?

I'm cautiously growing these right now, and praying they survive all nice and healthy like.

Pottery Barn's fun and functional lanterns--we're pooling our respective mothers' stashes to make illuminating centerpieces. (

Bamboo will be featured as you've never seen it before. Well, maybe you have, but I had no clue how talented and eco-chic these weeds could be. (

That’s all I’m divulging; a girl must keep a few tricks up her sleeve, no?

Next topic of the day, the (dreadful to plan) honeymoon. Can I just say that ages and ages ago, I did a wee Google search on Costa Rica where I discovered Puerto Viejo:

Photo Cred: Trip Advisor contributor "Hazzo 77".

Puerto Viejo, a favorite of European and American expats, is located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and boasts all the loveliness of the neighboring islands without the resort frenzy. I joyously showed Reid and he was nonplussed.  Granted, at the time we were holed up on a side of a mountain in Belfast with a shower that could have only suited someone the size of an Oompa Loompa, so I can understand is hesitancy. But I attempted to counter that we could stay in a top rated hotel for less than a Benjamin a night! Alas, he didn’t take the bait. So I sort of forgot all about it, and we’ve been scouring the Caribbean, Southern Spain, Nova Scotia, the Madeira Islands, California, Vancouver, Fiji, Hawaii, Italy, and so so much more for something that seemed budget friendly but also honeymoon awesome. It’s been harrowing. I’m not sure we’re out of the woods (or jungle at this point) yet, but Reid had a breakthrough tonight and rediscovered Costa Rica and our current two top choices: Tamarindo (Pacific) and of course Puerto Viejo.

If we ever wake up early enough, we'll get to revel in this panorama. (

So far we can forsee affording the flights, food and some fabulous cabana accommodation. Plus we get tropical birds, tropical drinks, wee monkeys, waterfalls, fresh fruits for breakfast, pools and a 50 ft saunter to the beach! Hopefully we feel good enough about it to commit to something tomorrow. So far this honeymoon and the darn table decorations have been the roughest bits of this wedding business. Don’t have much to complain about, do I?


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