Hedgehog + Duck

One week until we are fiancés no more. (Taylor Lord Photography)

Not too long before that very, very big day is upon us. Sometimes  I feel like I’m in a dream–an unfathomable dream with the happiest of endings. You know the story: the boy gets the shrew, and the shrew realizes she’s really a wife in shrew clothing. Ach, I still don’t like the word “wife.” Or “husband” for that matter.

We're not all that bad once you get to know us! (http://the-ark-of-noah-malta-slovakia.blogspot.com)

Reid calls me a hedgehog when I bristle about silly things like that. He’s right. While I don’t think I’m hedgehogzilla, I do think it’s endemically human to be my silliest when the stakes are at their highest? I mean we are handling “happily ever after” here!

Neither ducks nor swans quack up. It's simply not in their nature (except for maybe Dinsey's raging Donald).

Nevertheless Reid tackles life like a duck. It all just slides right off his perfectly preened back.

I think that ducks and hedgehogs make a good team. Sometimes a duck could use spindles. Hedgehogs definitely need to be reminded that all of our prickliness just makes us cuter. Reid’s very good at that.

I’m one lucky hedge-duck.

We give each other something to smile about. (Taylor Lord Photography)

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1 Response to Hedgehog + Duck

  1. rge says:

    I’m one lucky duck-hog 🙂
    (Of course you got the cooler one…)

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