Uninhibited Anachronism

So, after a week of grueling renovation Reid, Gracie and I are sitting in our somewhat put together apartment. The past three weeks have been such a glorious whirlwind, but now I’m finally stretching my toes on our concrete floor and thinking, “Man oh man, this is real.”

I know, I’m a bit out of order considering what’s kept me on hiatus for the last month or so. Truthfully, I can’t even start writing about the wedding festivities yet because I’m still processing enormous waves of gratitude. To anyone who was part of that weekend (or heck April onward), THANK YOU and I’m forever  blessed by each of you.  I promise, I’ll do more on the wedding later, but tonight I’m cheating and going to chat a bit about our decidedly sumptuous honeymoon. Reid and I booked a ridiculous deal (like almost too good to be true–90% off?!) at a resort in the Domincan Republic. We knew nothing about the DR, except that it shares an island with Haiti and manufactures Cuban-esque cigars.  So we definitely had no idea what to expect about the good ol’ Lifestyle Resort of Puero Plata–well, we did read Trip Advisor but the reviews ranged from “AWESOME” to “YOU COULD HAVE A BETTER VACAY IN YOUR BACKYARD.” I’ll let the pictures tell you how we fared:

Perfect wee bay, perfect temperature and that amazing salt water that heals cuts and gives me great island hair. 🙂

VIP Beach = engineered oasis of gluttony. Waiters bring drinks and snacks straight to your bed.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

I think this is one James Bond's nemesis's top secret lair. Spector anyone?

Totally converted. By this point we're all about the VIP beach's temptations.

Like the beach side sushi bar--don't worry Mumsie, we only ate the cooked variety

We especially enjoyed Reid's fabulously described "sushi variety platter." I mean, if you only get four pieces of sushi you'd better serve it in an indescribably awesome boat.

Beaches are funnnnnn

The water was so beautiful.

Honeymoons are nice. We should have them more often, Mr. Echols.

I love how the sunsets in the different places I've gotten to experience are all so different, but exquisitely beautiful.

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