Home Improvement: Flooring Edition

We were thrilled to find our little treehouse of an apartment.  After touring many, many smelly caves that the realtors insisted to us were living spaces, Reid and I were feeling down and out about the whole apartment quest. When we finally discovered this place we knew it was perfect for us.  Our Owlery, as we’re calling it, is tucked away in a cute historic downtown neighborhood, and just blocks from my new school.  I love that it features two balconies and is drenched in much natural light that bulbs aren’t needed until after the sun is way, way down.  However, someone committed a grave travesty against the Owlery, they carpeted it with thick, dingy old carpet. Le gasp, I know!

This little Miss is a hardened criminal when it comes to perpetrating atrocities against carpet. The dirtier the easier it is for her to make her getaway.

So we did what we know how to do best.

Carpet mostly annihilated. It was unbelievable how much dust and debris were lurking beneath that preposterously plush carpet. I'm just glad to have about 3,000,000 fewer dust bunny roommates.

Drywall bits clinging to the concrete, beware! Apologies for my insane expression--our electricity wasn't turned on, hence no AC + sleep deprived Emily = well, that.

And how does it look now? Glad you asked, because I’ll tell but I won’t show until we finish cutifying this place up a bit more. It looks good, we stained and treated the concrete with 3+ layers of sealer and have visited the Home Depot at least 6 times–because oh yes, we painted too. More on all of this later though, it’s early, I’ve had no coffee and just realized that we lack creamer–and about 5 million other domestic things–but in this dangerously uncaffeinated state all I give a Gracie-dog about is some half and half.

Happy Sunday!

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