Ralph, Gracie and Granola

Silly kitty gets out for doing a victory dance during his dash to homebase.

Present occupation: constructing curriculum for the Texas Reading Rockstars. I’m getting to know Rotten Ralph, a red kitty with a serious ego problem.  He’s no Madeline, but not everyone can be as adorable as she–well, except for this missus below.  Gracie rivals Madeline in capacity for mischievous acts.

Girlfriend here is obsessed with granola. She's been dirt-deviling the the floor beneath the oven all evening.

Today I made a first attempt at granola. Recently I’ve been enjoying granola for breakfast with some yogurt, but the other day I glanced at the nutrition info and HOLY moley. I might as well have been eating gummy bears and ice cream for breakfast. So I turned to my go-to food geek: Alton Brown. But you know what, I had to get all tweaky with his recipe!  I’m sure the granola tastes fab with all that syrup, brown sugar, sweetened coconut and maple syrup but I was nervous about getting such a mad sugar high from my “healthy” granola.  So I dropped some of the sugar, used agave (thanks, HEB coupon) to sweeten it, and for kicks cut out half the oil and replaced it with water–I’d read that some people successfully did that. Believe it or not, it’s actually quite good.  Just ask the Gracie and Reid.

I’m learning that even though I could spend all my time schooling and recovering from schooling,  I need to make time to use my fabulous bakeware and wee kitchen. Small domestic victories taste better than “Parks and Recreation” and pleasure reading.

Kids at ACL.

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